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Digital storytelling: a tool for health promotion and cancer awareness in rural Alaskan communities Melany Cueva, Regina Kuhnley, Laura Revels, Nancy E. Schoenberg, Mark Dignan
One Health - a strategy for resilience in a changing arctic Bruce A. Ruscio, Michael Brubaker, Joshua Glasser, Will Hueston, Thomas W. Hennessy
‘‘We are like lemmings’’: making sense of the cultural meaning(s) of suicide among the indigenous Sami in Sweden Jon Petter A. Stoor, Niclas Kaiser, Lars Jacobsson, Ellinor Salander Renberg, Anne Silviken
Patterns of youth injury: a comparison across the northern territories and other parts of Canada Jessica Byrnes, Nathan King, Penelope Hawe, Paul Peters, William Pickett, Colleen Davison
Incident diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia in a Manitoba First Nation Natalie D. Riediger, Virginia Lukianchuk, Sharon G. Bruce
Vitamin D, serum 25(OH)D, LL-37 and polymorphisms in a Canadian First Nation population with endemic tuberculosis Linda Larcombe, Neeloffer Mookherjee, Joyce Slater, Caroline Slivinski, Joe Dantouze, Matthew Singer, Chris Whaley, Lizette Denechezhe, Sara Matyas, Kate Decter, Emily Turner-Brannen, Clare Ramsey, Peter Nickerson, Pamela Orr
Fatty acids linked to cardiovascular mortality are associated with risk factors Sven O E Ebbesson, Venkata S Voruganti, Paul B Higgins, Richard R Fabsitz, Lars O Ebbesson, Sandra Laston, William S Harris, John Kennish, Benjamin D Umans, Hong Wang, Richard B Devereux, Peter M Okin, Neil J Weissman, Jean W MacCluer, Jason G Umans, Barbara V Howard

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