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Descriptive review of tuberculosis surveillance systems across the circumpolar regions Annie-Claude Bourgeois, Tammy Zulz, Bolette Soborg, Anders Koch
What do we know about health-related knowledge translation in the Circumpolar North? Results from a scoping review M. Ellen McDonald, Andrew Papadopoulos, Victoria L. Edge, James Ford, IHACC Research Team, Alison Sumner, Sherilee L. Harper
Results of interferon-based treatments in Alaska Native and American Indian population with chronic hepatitis C Stephen E. Livingston, Dana J.T. Bruden, Lisa J. Townshend-Bulson, Chriss E. Homan, James E. Gove, Julia N. Plotnik, Brenna C. Simons, Philip R. Spradling, Brian J. McMahon
Adherence to health regimens among frequent attenders of Finnish healthcare Sari Hirsikangas, Outi Kanste, Juha Korpelainen, Helvi Kyngäs
A survey of knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards skin and soft tissue infections in rural Alaska Gregory A. Raczniak, Joanna Gaines, Lisa R. Bulkow, Michael H. Kinzer, Thomas W. Hennessy, Joseph A. Klejka, Michael G. Bruce
Proceedings of the 15th International Congress on Circumpolar Health Complete Supplement, incl Table of Contents
A scoping review of Indigenous suicide prevention in circumpolar regions Jennifer Redvers, Peter Bjerregaard, Heidi Eriksen, Sahar Fanian, Gwen Healey, Vanessa Hiratsuka, Michael Jong, Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen, Janice Linton, Nathaniel Pollock, Anne Silviken, Petter Stoor, Susan Chatwood

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