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Patterns of youth injury: a comparison across the northern territories and other parts of Canada Jessica Byrnes, Nathan King, Penelope Hawe, Paul Peters, William Pickett, Colleen Davison
Incident diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia in a Manitoba First Nation Natalie D. Riediger, Virginia Lukianchuk, Sharon G. Bruce
Vitamin D, serum 25(OH)D, LL-37 and polymorphisms in a Canadian First Nation population with endemic tuberculosis Linda Larcombe, Neeloffer Mookherjee, Joyce Slater, Caroline Slivinski, Joe Dantouze, Matthew Singer, Chris Whaley, Lizette Denechezhe, Sara Matyas, Kate Decter, Emily Turner-Brannen, Clare Ramsey, Peter Nickerson, Pamela Orr
Fatty acids linked to cardiovascular mortality are associated with risk factors Sven O E Ebbesson, Venkata S Voruganti, Paul B Higgins, Richard R Fabsitz, Lars O Ebbesson, Sandra Laston, William S Harris, John Kennish, Benjamin D Umans, Hong Wang, Richard B Devereux, Peter M Okin, Neil J Weissman, Jean W MacCluer, Jason G Umans, Barbara V Howard
Seasonal prevalence and determinants of food insecurity in Iqaluit, Nunavut Yang Guo, Lea Berrang-Ford, James Ford, Marie-Pierre Lardeau, Victoria Edge, Kaitlin Patterson, IHACC Research Team, Sherilee Harper
Partnering with Indigenous student co-researchers: improving research processes and outcomes Shelagh K. Genuis, Noreen Willows, Alexander First Nation, Cindy G. Jardine

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