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Review Articles

Cancer among circumpolar populations: an emerging public health concern T. Kue Young, Janet J. Kelly, Jeppe Friborg, Leena Soininen, Kai O. Wong

Original Research Articles

Exposure to whole-body vibration in open-cast mines in the Barents region Lage Burström, Ville Hyvärinen, Magnar Johnsen, Hans Pettersson
Cancer incidence and mortality among the Me´ tis population of Alberta, Canada Diana C. Sanchez-Ramirez, Amy Colquhoun, Sara Parker, Jason Randall, Lawrence W. Svenson, Don Voaklander
Neuropsychological performance of Finnish and Egyptian children with autism spectrum disorder Sherin Elsheikh, Sanna Kuusikko-Gauffin, Marja-Leena Mattila, Katja Jussila, Hanna Ebeling, Soile Loukusa, Manal Omar, Geylan Riad, Arja Rautio, Irma Moilanen
Utility of a Work Process Classification System for characterizing non-fatal injuries in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry Laura N. Syron, Devin L. Lucas, Viktor E. Bovbjerg, Jeffrey W. Bethel, Laurel D. Kincl
Laboratory characterization of invasive Haemophilus influenzae isolates from Nunavut, Canada, 2000-2012 Raymond S.W. Tsang, Y. Anita Li, Angie Mullen, Maureen Baikie, Kathleen Whyte, Michelle Shuel, Gregory Tyrrell, Jenny A. L. Rotondo, Shalini Desai, John Spika